Friday, July 1, 2022

Summer Reading begins July 5!


The Summer Reading program is ready to go ~ and sign-ups begin July 5th. Every reader receives a packet stuffed with goodies: a reading log, stickers, pencil, book mark, and a Bingo game. Make sure you cross out the challenges as you go along, because there's a chance to enter your completed Bingo Sheet for a prize drawing.

There's also a chance to enter the Writing & Illustrating challenge -  check out the info in your folder.

Every reader who signs up for Summer Reading gets to choose a free book, as well as a fuzzy sea creature to be their reading buddy. There are sea stars, lobsters, fish, whales, and lots of other sea creatures just waiting to be adopted. They love listening to stories, and might even inspire a few stories of their own.

And did I hear "prizes" being mentioned? There are lots of opportunities to win prizes. In addition to the Bingo prize and the Writing & Illustrating prize, there are reading prizes. Each week you can get tickets for the books you read (or, if they're long books, for the number of pages you read. At the end of summer tickets will be drawn out of the cans to see who wins a gift certificate at B&N.