Wednesday, May 21, 2014

New to Our Shelves

Candor Free Library has added new titles to the shelves. Here's a peek at four new children's books.

A Catfish Tale 
byWhitney Stewart

What happens when you catch a magic fish? In this book, the fisherman’s wife wants “one little thing” – a big house where she can sing for her friends. Then she wants just one more “little thing”: a paddleboat on the Mississippi, riding on a float in the Mardi Gras parade… and on and on. Set in the bayou country, with illustrations of plants and animals plus a recipe for seafood gumbo at the end and – for those of us who need it – a glossary of Bayou lingo.

 Churchill's Tale of Tails 
 Anca Sandu.

The best thing about being a pig is having a curly tail. At least that’s what Churchill thinks, and he prizes his tail above all else. It’s not too big or too fancy or even very practical. But it’s his, and he likes it. Then one morning... his tail is nowhere to be found! After searching here and there, his friends suggest that he try on different animal tails.

Churchill tries on a zebra tail, a peacock tail, and a fish tail. Soon, the only thing Churchill wants to talk about is how much fun he's having trying on tails. But his friends want to play. This is a fun book that leaves room for children to wonder what they might look like with a tail.

The Streak : How Joe DiMaggio became America's hero
by Barb Rosenstock
“It all started quietly, like a conversation with Joe DiMaggio himself,” begins Barb Rosenstock. “One shy single, hit to left field, smack in the middle of May, the fifteenth.”

The Yankees lost that game. It wasn't news- the headlines were overtaken by stories of the war spreading through Europe. Still, that one hit was the start of something big. Because Joe kept hitting, and hitting... and by the time he'd hit runs in 20 straight games people started talking about a streak.

Joe hit fastballs, knuckleballs, screwballs and curves. As long as he had his faithful bat, Betsy Ann, he hit anything pitchers could throw at him. He and Betsy Ann tied the record, hitting 41 straight games. Could anyone stop him? Then, as another game started, Joe reached for his bat. Betsy Ann was gone! Could Joe keep his hitting streak going without Betsy Ann?

The Great Big Green
by Peggy E. Gifford
What's really big and green? Not sure? Then follow the clues in this lyrical, poetic book. While the text offers clues, the illustrations fill the pages with all the different kinds of green you might find if you keep your eyes – and your imagination – open. There’s "dragon green", and "anaconda green", "turtle green" and "tornado green".

If you’re looking for an outside-the-crayon-box adventure, this puzzle-poem book will keep you turning the pages. The illustrations are packed with details that will keep you looking - and bring you back to look some more.

But there's more than natural greens captured in these pages. There's a green door, socks, traffic lights and a snippet of a familiar folk song (with a title containing "green" in it).  And at the very end, when you have all the clues, you might possibly guess what this very green thing is

Monday, May 12, 2014

Spring Book Sale This Weekend

The annual Spring Book Sale happens this weekend, and the shelves are overflowing with books. This is the perfect time to stock up on beach reading, riding-in-the-car books, rainy day novels, poolside paperbacks and more.

Whether it's histories or mysteries, sci-fi or crafts to try, you're sure to find something to fill your book bag. Over the last few weeks the Friends of Candor Free Library have been busy sorting and shelving and stacking to make it a bit easier for you to find what you're looking for.

Spring Book Sale hours are:
  • Friday, May 16 from 10 am - 8 pm
  • Saturday, May 17 from 10 am - 4 pm
Saturday afternoon there's a Bag Sale from 2-4 pm. All you can fit into a brown paper grocery bag for just a couple bucks.