Monday, February 6, 2017

Blind Date with Books

 Tired of the same old relationships? Looking for something new and exciting to read?

Why not go on a blind date with a book?

Drop by the library through Valentine's day and pick up a wrapped book to take home. Like online dating sites, you'll have do decide whether what they say on the cover reveals enough of their personality for a long-term reading relationship. But why not take a chance?

 Books for adults and young adults are labeled with clues (and come with a sweet). Just pick one up and take it home. Unwrap, read, enjoy. Show it your favorite places to read. Take it out for coffee or to the park (or bleachers where the two of you can wait for practice to end). Introduce it to your friends. And if it's not the right book for you, perhaps it is for someone else.

Assistant library director Marcia Enright got the idea for blind book dates from her daughter and library colleague Natassia (known to her fellow Candor alums as Tasha) who works at the library in Johnson City. Marcia wrote the valentine descriptions and Linda wrapped up the books.

They also whipped up some lollipop valentines for younger readers. And if you're in the mood to make your own valentines, remember that there's a maker-space on the back table where you can create all kinds of things.