Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Quilt Scavenger Hunt

There's a wonderful quilt on exhibit right now. "It Takes a Village" is a collaborative work by the members of New Quilters on the Block. Drop by during library hours to take a closer look at the fun houses and trees.
  • look for a square with buttons
  • find a cat
  • find the school
  • look for the sugar house
  • check out the ice cream shop
  • find one that looks like something near you
  • how many different ways did quilters make trees?
  • what do all the squares have in common?
Also - remember that the library has a visitor's pass to the Museum of the Earth, in Ithaca - you can check it out for a week. More here.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Museum Passes and Bunny Baskets

Did you know you could check out a museum trip at the library? Candor Free Library now has a family pass to the Museum of the Earth in Ithaca. You can check out the pass for a week and then go discover the museum.

What you'll find up there: a huge whale skeleton hanging from the ceiling, a wonderful mural on the walk down into the earth, and more fossils than you thought possible. Take a tour through the ages, and check out the dinosaur activities.

The museum pass is also good for a trip to the Cayuga Nature Center with exhibits, citizen science centers, and butterfly garden (once the flowers bloom).

Add reading and games to your museum exploration week with some of the "Literacy on the Go" backpacks. Number 7 features rocks and dinosaurs, and number 10 focuses on bugs and birds.

Easter Reading and Activities at the library. There are a bunch of children's books about Easter, spring flowers, and Passover. While you're at the library, add a flower to the mural at the circulation desk and check out the activities on the back Maker Space table.