Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Got the Winter Blahs? Do Something New

It's getting to be that time of year again.... the snow has settled into sedimentary layers, the brilliant blue sky calls, but the temperatures (and wind chill) hang south of freezing. And the kids are bored, bored, bored with the toys scattered around the house.

If that's the case, head down to the library and check out something to do. Yes, you heard that right. There are a bunch of bright backpacks for pre-school to first-graders that have puzzles, books, and games. Each pack also has a "make and keep" booklet with dot-to-dots and mazes and a book-related activity. 

Each backpack has a theme: dinosaurs, trucks, stars, oceans...

Each backpack also contains a Parent Field Guide, too. The "field guides" list ideas for things to do with the backpack, fingerplays, and an alphabet of activities that connect fun with learning.

If you want to learn something new, check out the Explore Bags. You can learn to knit, crochet, use a camera, discover science, weave something - even whip up a batch of cookies.

 The knitting EXPLORE bag has knitting needles, a book of instructions and yarn for your first project. The weaving bag contains a loom with enough loops to make a bright potholder. Decorate a paper chef's toque and dive into the cooking bag to learn how to make healthy snacks (and not-so-healthy desserts). And yes, the photography bag has a digital camera and a book filled with cool ideas on how to use it.

Fight the Winter Blahs with Fun!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Books @ the Library

If you're looking for some seasonal reading, check out these books at our library.

I spy I love you, by Jean Marzollo with photographs by Walter Wick.
Full of simple riddles that are paired with ten Valentine's Day-themed photographs. The book encourages readers to find hearts, candy, notes, toys and other items crowded together on the page. Sounds easy - but it does require searching. Great for early readers and non-readers who can search for items that someone reads to them.

A Charlie Brown Valentine by Charles M. Schulz
 What's a holiday without a Charlie Brown special? This story is based on the TV special in which Charlie Brown has a crush on the Little Red-Haired Girl - but she doesn't know he exists! As the Valentine's Dance gets closer, Charlie Brown discovers he has admirers of his own... but he's only got eyes for the Little Red-Haired Girl. With his luck, he'll probably end up dancing with Snoopy!

Got a kid who loves Nate the Great mysteries? Then check out Nate the Great and the Mushy Valentine by Marjorie Weinman Sharma. Nate hates mushy stuff, but then he spies a big red paper heart taped to Sludge’s doghouse. Who left Nate’s dog a secret valentine? Nate will solve the case, and then there will be no more mushy stuff. At least that’s what he thinks. . . . and then he finds himself involved in another case of missing valentines.

Valentine's Day, written and illustrated by Gail Gibbons. This is part of her "holidays around the world" series. In this book she describes Valentine's Day customs and historical origins - and includes some traditional activities such as card-making and how to make a valentine box (do kids even do that anymore?).

Arthur's valentine, by Marc Brown.

Who sent Arthur that valentine? His wrong guess about the identity of the secret admirer leads to teasing by the other children -  but clues in additional messages allow him to solve the mystery.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thank You to Don Weber for 30 Years of Service as Treasurer!

For the last thirty years, Don Weber has wrangled the financial accounting for the Candor Free Library Board of Trustees. It's not the most glorious job in the world, but as Don says, "someone's got to do it". And he has, with grace and aplomb.

The Board thanks Don for his generosity of spirit and service.