Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Go on an Adventure @ the Library

Got cabin fever? Then head to the library for an adventure. All you need is ... well, it depends on the adventure.

Here are a few ideas for "mini-adventures" you can do in our library.

  • Look for the BIGGEST book in the library. When you find it, take your picture with it. If you don't have a camera, the library has digital cameras in the collection.
  • Find a book about someplace warm. Take it home and read it... and pretend you're visiting that place.
  • Find an interesting cookbook. Choose a recipe. Walk down to the grocery store and get the ingredients - then go home and cook it.
  • Find a book with poems, and find a poem you like. Then head over to the magnetic words and use the word tiles to write out the first line of the poem. Or find some haiku and use the tiles to write out the haiku. Leave it for someone else to enjoy. 
  • Bring paper and colored pencils. Spend a half hour or so drawing from one of the "I can draw" books.
  • Find a true story about a person you've never heard of.
  • Find a book about birds or trees or flowers and learn about some that live in our area
  • If there are old magazines in the give-away stack, cut them up to make "Happy" posters and then hang them up in the library.