Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Monstrously Fun Take Home Craft Kit


Valentine's Day is over, but there are some fun take-and-make kits for the whole month of February. Kits have everything you need to make a monster... and comes with either a sun catcher or a rocket magnet kit. Plus lollipops! Everything is more fun with lollipops!


Tuesday, February 8, 2022

Blind Date with a Book is Back!


Remember when people used to cover racy novels in brown-paper book-covers? You'd know what you were reading, but no one else did.

Well, now the library ladies have gone one step further.

They've wrapped up a whole bunch of books in paper, and taped clues on the front. And they're inviting you to choose a book to take home and read. There might even be valentine candies involved!

This is definitely NOT a case of choosing a book by its cover - because you can't even see these covers. But you can definitely pick them up and weigh the alternatives...

Best part about it: if you like the book, you get to keep it!