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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Art Classes in November

Days are shorter. Skies are gray. And it's cold outside - which means it's perfect weather for an Art Class at the Library.

On Sunday, November 18 it's Art with Johanna. Artists will create abstract art using alcohol inks on Yupo paper. “This class is all about enjoying the media and having fun watching what the alcohol inks do on the paper,” says Johanna.

For one, the paper is special. Yupo paper doesn’t wrinkle, tear, or buckle under use. Then there’s the ink. Alcohol inks are bold and vibrant – and react a bit unexpectedly on Yupo paper. Alcohol inks are also permanent. They don’t wash out of fabrics, so make sure to bring an artist’s smock or wear clothes you don’t care too much about.

Class runs from 1-3 pm and it's FREE! Class size is limited, so call 659-7375 to register or contact the library. Funding thanks to FLLS Outreach mini-grant.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Our Library is a place to Do Stuff!

Next time you walk in the library, check out the lego constructions on the glass case. The kids in the Lego Club are very creative in how they interpret the construction prompts. One night the theme was towers - and someone created a Leaning Tower of Pizza - it had a pepperoni pizza on top of it. At other times there have been gardens, mazes, and spaceships.

It's just kid play, right? And yet - fiddling around with those little plastic blocks allows a kid to explore math, engineering, design and art, imagination. Lego club is on Tuesday evenings from 5-7.

Painters and artists of all ages have been enjoying the diversity of art workshops. Last week kids and adults painted black cats (perfect for Halloween). This Sunday, the 21st, there's another art workshop happening in the basement. If you feel like your creativity needs a boost - drop by and pick up a paintbrush and play around. You're sure to go home happier. The Sunday art class starts at 1 pm.

And remember to check out the art and craft supplies in the Maker Space. With paper, glue, and a bit of this-and-that you have everything you need to create some fun masks for Halloween and Day of the Dead.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Physics Bus Coming - Oct 6!

The Physics Bus is Coming!

The physics bus is a mobile exhibition of upcycled appliances--reimagined by kids--that showcase unfamiliar physics phenomena. Why? To awaken interest and creativity in physics for all ages. There are about two dozen exhibits on board the bus and additional physics demos outside.

Join us on Saturday, October 6 from 11 am - 3 pm
                  Test an idea.