Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kids need Nature

Scott Sampson, author of "How to Raise a Wild Child" was interviewed for the "On Point" radio show last year - a program that was re-aired on our local public radio station recently. (You can listen to the show here)

Some people know Sampson as a dinosaur paleontologist; more know him as the host of "Dinosaur Train". He grew up playing outside and realized that, over the years, we we have come to a point where our children spend only a few minutes a day playing outdoors.

And yet research shows that being outside is essential for healthy growth. Regular exposure to nature, he said, can help relieve stress, depression, and attention deficits, reduce bullying, combat illness, and boost academic scores.

You can get a copy of his book by reserving it through the FLLS interlibrary loan.

And if you're looking for things to do outdoors, check out the 5-minute field trips posted every Wednesday at Archimedes Notebook. Or check out a field guide and camera from the library and head off on an adventure.