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Monday, October 20, 2014

Adventures at the Library

You can find plenty of adventures at the library - and some aren't even inside the covers of a book. Next time the youngsters complain they have nothing to do, tell them to lace up their boots and get ready for an adventure.

1. Look for the biggest book in the library. Then take your picture next to it. (If you don't have a camera, there are some at the library.)

2. Travel somewhere exotic. Spin the globe and choose a country. Then find some travel books to check out for an armchair adventure. Hop on the computer and look for photos of the country you've chosen. Make a map of your "travels" and draw some "photos" to show what you did or where you went.

3. Have everyone in your family find a poem and copy it down. Share them later, with cocoa and cookies.

4. Go to the cookbook section and find a new recipe. Then go to the store (and farmer's market), get the ingredients, and get cooking.

5. Bring some paper and colored pencils. Sit down with an easy I-Can-Draw book and draw for an hour.

6. Look through the books on plants and animals and learn to identify something new. Then go out and look for it.

7. Find a book of Baby names and make a list of funny name combinations. Then adopt a new name for the day.

8. Look for books by authors with the same last name as you have.

9. Check out a book by an author you have never read before.

10. Check out a backpack - or an Explore bag - and see what sort of adventure it leads you on.