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Monday, April 21, 2014

Earth Day Resources at the Library

If you're looking for some low-cost, fun, Earth Day things to do, check out the library. We've got stories about Earth Day, and craft books chock-full of ideas for things to do with recycled materials. For example: recycle some gift wrap as origami paper and fold some frogs, turtles and birds to celebrate the season.

Head outside and explore the environment you live in. Borrow the Explore Science bag and go on a nature walk. There's a hand-lens so you can get a close look at tree bark and buds, flowers, caterpillars, moss, lichens.....

For the pre-school crowd there are a bunch of nature-related backpacks with books and games and an activity book. Check out Oceans, Bugs & Birds, Stars, or the Dinosaurs.

Part of the Earth Day sensibility is to reduce our consumption of natural resources - to buy less, drive less, and reuse more. Our library is a great place for that: you can check out books and movies, play a game, use the computer - even borrow a digital camera.

If you're looking for family activities, head over to Archimedes Notebook every day this week for Earth Week activities.