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Monday, December 16, 2013

Have an Origami Christmas

 Once again, library director Fran has festooned the library with garlands of origami ornaments. If you want to try your hand at folding your own, drop by the library and pick up some origami paper and a sheet of directions.
Except for the strand of cranes, these ornaments are different stages of a folded balloon. You can stop after a few folds to get a hanging diamond (just add thread and a paper clip).

Or  do a few more folds to get an elongated shape. It looks very cool done in shiny foil.

Once you blow into it you get a fat box, called a "balloon".   If you like to see things being folded, here's a video showing how to fold an origami balloon.

For younger hands, try folding an origami Christmas tree. It takes just a few simple folds of paper and then you can have fun decorating it any way you like. Here's how.

If you're looking for easy-to-make Christmas ornaments for youngsters, check out these ideas:
For those who want to explore more origami, we've got more than a dozen books on origami on our shelves, ranging from Easy Origami to Not-quite-so-easy all the way up to Sort-of-difficult Origami. There are two books full of things to fold for the holidays and - if you have an animal loving kid in your home - there's a book of Animal Origami.