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Monday, October 28, 2013

New to our shelves ~ children's picture books

You know how, when you're supposed to deliver a message but get so caught up in what you're doing, you forget stuff? That's what happens to Fox - and he forgets to pass on a most important message to Bear, who worries and worries that his friend Goose is missing. A fun new addition to Suzanne Bloom's Goose and Bear collection.

Lion is a bully, and he bullies the other animals so much they just can't take it anymore. So they post a want ad, seeking a hero. Animal after animal answers the ad, but Lion outsmarts each one ... Until a rabbit shows up and shows him who's who.
 If you've ever moved to a new town, then you know how scary meeting new people can be. But what if you move to an entirely new world, where the people look funny and eat strange food? And what if you go to school and no one wants to play with you except the really big one-eyed kid who sits in the back row?

If there is a King of Little Things, where is his kingdom? And over what - or whom - does he rule? More important: when he's tossed into the dungeon during a war, how does he escape? Written by storyteller Bil Lepp, this book will have you telling stories long after the light's been turned out.

Young Frank likes to design things: toilet paper chairs and wiggly book skyscrapers. But his grandfather, Old Frank dismisses his efforts and takes him to the museum to see "real architecture". The both return home inspired to try new designs.

Fran has added at least a dozen new titles to the shelves since the last time we looked. Drop by the library and check them out!