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Monday, August 19, 2013

New to our Shelves

Before showing you the cool new books, a REMINDER about the ongoing Scavenger Hunt.

The August "Explore the Village" Scavenger Hunt features architecture and other tidbits found in the Village of Candor. You may pick up a sheet of photos at the library, or download photos from the blog here. Then just take a walk down Main Street (and maybe the school and park) and see if you can find everything.

While you're at it, take a photo or two of something interesting you see, and post it on the library bulletin board. If you don't have a camera, the library has some kid-friendly digital cameras for loan.

And now, check out some of these fun new titles that have been added to our shelves - for children of all ages!

UnderGround is just plain fun reading - and a perfect book for this summer's theme: "Dig into Reading". If you have a kid who likes to dig in the garden (or anywhere, for that matter) then this is the book to read. Simple rhyming text and awesome illustrations.

"Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad?" The title of this book becomes a Very Important Question as this boy and his father explore a natural history museum. Because, if the dinosaurs are dead, why does that one want the kid's lunch?

 Got a kid interested in construction? There's a whole series of books perfect for the future architect: Building a Bridge, Building a House, Building a Road, and Building a Skyscraper. 
On the other hand, maybe your child is more interested in breaking rocks and digging tunnels. There's a few perfect for her, too: Digging Tunnels, Demolition, and Construction Tools.

 The Eye of the Whale is a true story of a rescue operation. A whale, tangled in fishing lines, will die if the divers can't free her. But how does a person help an animal so huge? This is a wonderful, engaging story that even older children (and maybe some adults) will enjoy.

As Fast as Words Could Fly won the "New Voices" award this year. Emerging author Pamela Tuck crafts a wonderful narrative about growing up during the Civil Rights movement. The story, while fiction, is based on a true family story. Book review and interview with the author here.

Did you know that a turtle shell is made up of 60 different bones? A Place for Turtles is jam-packed with useful information about these slow-moving, but important, animals that live in the ponds and streams around us. The illustrations are field-guide quality. You can read a book review and interview with the illustrator here.