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Monday, July 15, 2013

New Books for Summer Reading

New books for kids of all ages - and just in time for Summer Reading!

The Return of the Library Dragon tells what happens when the new school librarian media center director decides to replace books with digital devices. The previous librarian (a dragon) comes out of retirement to deal with the problem in a most appropriate way.

Meanwhile, the dog in Doggone Feet is trying to keep up with who's new in the family - based on what she sees from under the table. A fun rompy book about music and feet and what it means to be a family.

Want to meet bugs up close and personal? What better way than face-to-face? That's what you get in Face Bug - a book full of poems about different insects, plus a story about the "Bug Museum" and the beetle buddies who get in trouble in the "Hall of Smells". Great fun to read aloud.

Ever wondered what life was like aboard a pirate vessel? Privateer's Apprentice is a historical fiction set in the early 1700s - and young Jameson Cooper has found himself in jail by misfortune, not misdeed. His life turns topsy-turvy when he's kidnapped by the Queen's privateers, who are out to map the New World and claim new lands for England... and if they happen to come home with pockets full of Spanish gold, that's OK, too.

The Universe of Fair is a mix of quirky science and county fair and growing up and having to take care of your younger sister and maybe ghosts in the cemetery (or at least an old ghost tale). As the main character points out: if molecules and atoms and electrons and quarks were put together in a different way, we could just as easily be earthworms.

Dewey's Nine Lives is a story of how animals and people connect - from a divorced mother in Alaska who saved a drowning kitten on Christmas Eve to a troubled Vietnam veteran whose heart opened to a rescued cat. A great book for all ages.