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Monday, June 24, 2013

Explore Something New this Summer

Want to learn how to:
 use a camera
discover science
weave something
whip up a batch of cookies

Now you can - just check out an EXPLORE Bag at the library. The knitting EXPLORE bag has knitting needles, a book of instructions and yarn for your first project. The weaving bag contains a loom with enough loops to make something you can use. The cooking bag has a chef's toque you can decorate and keep for when you make picnic lunches... and EXPLORE Science is full of things you can do in your back yard. There's even a photography bag with a digital camera.

The EXPLORE bags were designed for children eight years old and older. But see those colorful backpacks? Those are for the pre-school to first-grade crowd. They are designed to help young children learn literacy skills, but are great for helping kindergarteners and first graders retain some of their reading and math skills over the summer.

BACKPACKS are full of books, puzzles, games and a "use-and-keep activity book". There's also a "parent's field guide" jam-packed with fingerplays and games to help young children learn more about reading and math. Each BACKPACK has its own theme. Kids can learn about:
the ocean
outer space
big trucks
bugs and birds...
and more!

There are 10 backpacks and each one is different.  Each activity book has mazes, dot-to-dots and a cut-out activity that helps develop small motor skills. There's enough variety to keep your little ones busy and connected with reading all summer long.